Car Sleeve

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This autosleeve is made of hard plastic and is designed to prevent damage of the weather stripping. It comes in the same package with an instruction manual.

For protecting your weather stripping we recoomend you to use this auto sleeve when trying to lock picking your car.

How to use it?

  1. With the AutoSleeve closed and the notch facing the outside of the car, slide the AutoSleeve between the weatherstripping and the door. Usually best results are obtained by starting at the upper rear corner of the door.
  2. Insert the car opening tool between or inside of the AutoSleeve. The notch on one side of the AutoSleeve can assist you in separating the two sides.
  3. Auto window solvent or dish soap can be applied to the AutoSleeve.

Separating Weatherstripping from glass:

  1. Unfold the AutoSleeve.
  2. Using the side without the notch, slide the AutoSleeve between the window glass and the weatherstripping. The AutoSleeve should be able to penetrate multiple layers of weatherstripping found on many vehicles.
  3. Insert wedges or tools.

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