Lock Pick Guns - General Information

What is a lock pick gun?

The tool that can be used to open a mechanical pin tumbler lock without using a key is called the lock pick gun. It is also known as a pick gun or snap gun. A lock pick gun can be manual or electric. The lock pick gun is the best alternative to open locks without having the proper key if you do not wish to use any of the conventional lock pick tools. The conventional lock pick tools are:

• Hook pick

• Rake pick

• Paper clip

• Bump key

• Bobby pin

• Torsion wrench

• Decoder pick

• Slim Jim

• Half-diamond pick

• Tubular lock pick

• Ball pick

• Warded pick

The conventional lock picking tools are manual picks. Buying a lock pick gun, we offer you the opportunity to have all these picks into a nice and design-friendly gun shaped tool.

The electric lock pick gun is much faster than the manual one.

What is a pin tumbler lock?

The pin tumbler lock is a lock mechanism that cannot be opened without the correct key. It is based on the principle that if using an incorrect key, the lock pins, which are of different lengths, prevent the lock from opening. There are two components in a pin tumbler lock: the cylinder body and the lock house. Also the pins are formed by the top pins which go into the lock house and the bottom pins which go into the cylinder body.

But, using our lock pick gun, we offer you the possibility to open locks without having the correct key. In order to open the lock, the pins must be in their right position: the top pins into the lock house and the bottom pins into the cylinder body. When this position is reached, with the help of the lock pick gun, just use the provided tension tool to rotate the cylinder and here you go: the lock is opened!

How a lock pick gun works?

Basically, without a key in the lock, the lock pins are pushed downwards, in their normal position in a perfect alignment. This position prevents the lock from rotating, so automatically prevents the lock from opening.

When an incorrect key is inserted into the lock, the pins are push upwards, but not on the same position in accordance with the shear line. Therefore, again, the pins block the rotating mechanism of the lock so you cannot rotate and open the lock. If you insert a correct key, all the pins will align with the shear line, allowing the lock to be freely rotated so that you can open it.

Based on this, the snap gun or the lock pick gun, in general terms, uses a primary law of physics, the transfer of energy. By auctioning the gun’s trigger several times, you will action the lock pins. The bottom pins, actioned by your lock pick gun push the top pins. Doing this several times with your pick gun, the energy is transmitted from the bottom pins to the top ones. Being very rigid, the bottom pins transmit the energy to the top ones pushing them into the lock house and come to a complete stop without crossing into the lock house, giving way to rotate the cylinder and open the lock.

For e better understanding of how a lock pick gun works, please see our video “How a lock pick gun works?”