Locks and cylinders

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Locks are becoming increasingly important to keep unwanted “visitors” out from your homes, especially since burglaries and other specific violent acts have seen a significant increase. A person should never think of such possible dangerous situations that may occur in his or her own home. Moreover, when such intrusions happen, valuable and precious items can be stolen. By choosing good locks, burglars find more difficult the possibility of entering someone’s home. In order to find the best locks against burglaries, we spoke with a one of the best locksmiths from Leiden, who shared his experience with us. In this article you will find tips for how to prevent a burglary.

Opt for cylinder locks

The cylinder locks are guaranteed as the best locks for such situations. These locks are found in the majority of the doors in Europe and still, these locks are currently immensely popular. Previously, people often opted for cylinder locks which are connected in one point to the door frame of their house, because there often were no alternatives. Nowadays, there are those, for example, in the form of the so-called three-point locks. It will not surprise you that this form of cylinder locks is connected to the door frame in three points, instead of just one. The fact that there are three points now, makes the task of a burglar more time-consuming and more difficult when trying to force all these three points. His actions may arouse suspicion to the neighbors, which in turn, they can call the police. This would naturally prevent a burglary making your home more secure.

Locks with technological gadgets

In addition to the conventional and the cylinder locks described above, there are also locks with technological gadgets that become more and more popular. Currently, these locks are still very expensive, but the price will continue to decline over the coming years. Think of a lock based on your fingerprint! By holding your finger on a special spot on the door, the lock will open, if you previously registered the fingerprint in the system. With such a lock, the fear of forgetting or losing your keys is now in the past and it is virtually impossible for burglars to break the locks. A smart way to protect your home against burglaries! 

Other forms of preventing intrusions

In addition to choosing good locks, you can take additional steps to prevent burglaries in your home. For example, placing a burglar-proof seal between the door and the door frame makes it almost impossible for burglars to break the door with a crowbar for example. Also, placing the so-called magnet contacts is a popular way of intrusion prevention for homes.