Security tips for your locks against burglars

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5 safety tips for your locks against burglars

Obviously, there are no people that want unwanted “visitors” in their home to steal their valuable and precious objects. Not only stealing is happening during burglaries, but also dangerous situations occur in such cases due to the violent way the burglars work. These are enough reasons to keep burglars out! In this article we give five helpful security tips to prevent unwanted visitors.

Tip 1: Choose three point locks on your doors

In many homes, doors are currently secured with cylinder locks, which are connected in one point with the door frame. Although these locks in principle are very good, the so-called three-point locks offer more security against burglars. These locks, logically, connect in three points with the door frame, so breaking the lock of the door will cost too much time and effort.

Tip 2: Take a burglar-proof strip

Usually doors are forced open with a crowbar or screwdriver. By applying a burglar-proof seal between the door and the jamb makes it impossible for a burglar to get to grips with these tools. The breaking of the door’s locks is therefore no longer possible.

Tip 3: Attach magnetic contacts

Besides, you can choose a burglar-proof strip with magnetic contacts, which are placed on both the door and the door frame. Once the contact between the magnets disconnect for a given period of time, a sound alarm will start in your home. Besides magnetic contacts, you can also opt for other security components such as a camera or motion detection sensors near your door.

Tip 4: Do not leave a key in your lock

This rule is often forgotten, but late at night a key must never be left inside a lock. For a burglar, especially if you have a window or a mailbox incorporated to your door, it is possible to fish for the key. A magnet is often a simple job in order to get the key and open the door without further trouble.

Tip 5: Never put keys near your door

Certainly, it is used to be popular to put keys under doormats or pots, so that your children could enter your home without having to carry a key. This is not unknown to burglars who like to use this ideal opportunity to easily enter your home. Therefore, hide keys in an original place around your home or give your children a key.

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