BPG-15 (Down) Lockpicking Gun

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Brockhage is known as one of the best brands in the field of lock picking. Hence, the Brockhage pick gun has therefore one of the best lock pick guns ‘reputation. 

The downward version is specially designed for European locks. Easy to use!! Take a pick and place it in the gun. Then take the tension wrench and plug it in the lock to create tension. By squeezing your hand on the pick, the lock goes up and down. Thus, the pegs are pushed up and down until they are placed in the right position. Because you have kept tension on the lock, after some time of running the gun the locking is opened. this does apply to this tool: more practice makes it perfect!

The package comes with:

1 x high quality lockpick gun

4 x picks for the lockpick gun

1 x double tension wrench

1 x short manual


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