5 Basic Bump Keys

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The bump key set consists of 5 basic bump keys as seen in the picture.

1.Schlage 'C' (SC1) Bump Key (5 Pin)

2. Kwikset (KW10) Bump Key               

3. Kwikset (KW1) Bump Key

4. Weiser (WR5) Bump Key

5. Master (M1) Bump Key

This is a very cheap way to try the bump method using a connection lock. All bump keys have been tested and 100% working. Given the ability to duplicate the keys, these cannot be returned.

The commercialization of this bump key set is legal and there are no special legal requirements to buy / sell bump keys. However, given The nature of the product we have established some requirements:

  1. The buyer has to be an entrepreneur and / or has a demonstrable interest as an active / educational function;
  2. A copy of ID and / or extract from the Chamber of Commerce.

If you meet the requirements and can provide all the documentation, please contact us via the contact form.


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