Cylinder Puller

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This type of cylinder puller designed for locksmiths and governmental agencies, allows you to easily and efficiently remove all types of cylinder lock (profile, round and oval) without damaging the door.

It is also suitable to open the so-called 1 direction doors such as glass doors and garage doors.

This cylinder puller model is internationally recognized as the best of its kind. The cylinder puller is made of hardened steel for long-term use.  The pulling mechanism has a very fine, hardened M12 thread for smooth working without having to exert any greater strength.

The cylinder puller set includes:

1 x cylinder puller

1 x base plate for round cylinders

1 x base plate for profile cylinders

2 x adhesive rubber protection rings

10 x special pulling screws 4.2 mm

10 x special pulling screws 4.8 mm

10 x special pulling screws 5.4 mm

1 x plug / ring spanner 19 mm

1 x instruction manual in several languages


It can be ordered, as optional, with the universal key. The role of this key is to turn the pins of the lock back in their places. In the Cylinder Puller manual you will find instructions on how to use the universal key.

The price is including VAT. If you run out of screws or need extra screws, you can also include these in your order or you can re-order.

If you would like to buy this set, we are obliged to check your CoC number.

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