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This gps car tracker is specially made to track cars and trucks. This is an ideal system to track your car as well as an anti-theft system. With the built-in function of blocking your engine and doors, it is a lot harder to steal your car. This GPS tracker car is used for private purposes but also for businesses: think of couriers and taxis. 

With an external GPS and GPRS antenna (supplied) it is a very accurate GPS tracking device and it must be very strange when the connection is lost. If it loses the connection, the tracker saves the last position and sends it as soon as it gets connected again. 


SOS – Panic

SMS update – sends an SMS with position and status update to pre-set phone numbers

Traffic mode – when the GPS tracker moves it sends the GPS data through. If the tracking is stopped again, it goes into the sleep mode to save battery life

Geo Fence – monitors a specific area, and when the tracker leaves the area it sends an SMS with the GPS position

Speed alarm – monitors the speed of the tracker. If this exceeds a pre-set speed, it sends an SMS with the GPS position

Movement Alert – sends a text message when the tracker starts moving again and leave for a set range.

Anti-theft – turns off the engine and lock the doors

This gps car tracker package comew with:

  • Car GPS tracker / vehicle tracking system
  • CD with driver and tracking manual

  • Wiring harness with panic button for installation in the vehicle

  • GPS antenna 3M

  • GPRS antenna 3M

  • Microphone 1.5M

  • Remote control


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