Perfect Standard Lock Picking Set

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This perfect standard lock picks set contains all the necessary tools to open almost all the locks.

The perfect lock picking set is available in 3 versions:

Starter: it contains the tools to open most of the locks

Standard: it contains the tools to open almost all the locks; it is an extension to the starter set (in includes an additional screw fix and a lock cracker)

Professional: it contains almost all common tools to open 99% of all locks. Every existent lock picking tool is present in this set.

1 x handy plastic case

1 x large plastic box: 22.5 cm x 12.5 cm x 6.0 cm

1 x small plastic box: 10.0 cm x 10.0 cm x 4.0 cm

2 x iron door lock slider. It comes in two parts (15 and 20 mm). These sliders are 15 and 20 mm thick and are of flexible steel.

1 x lock 0.55 mm slider with plastic handle. This plastic slider is used for opening doors.

6 x lock plastic sliders without handle (3 x 0.50 + 3 x 0.35)

4 x door lock picks

1 x door opener for emergency

1 x square ball blade (8 mm )

1 x square ball cutter (10 mm)

1 x Allen key of 6 mm long

1 x Kinpex long flat rod

1 x 334 Wera screwdriver (1,2 x 7, 0 x 150 mm)

1 x Torx screwdriver to pull out the screws (100 mm)

1 x 19 mm wrench

1 x Screw fix. It is a screw adapter for rotating the pulling screws

1 x short universal key

1 x classic “Dietrich” lever pick

1 x classic special edition lever pick

1 x two pieces key turner

1 x cylinder puller ball

1 x lock cracker. Using this tool, through a rotating movement you can break the cylinder lock.

1 x base plate for profile cylinders

1 x base plate for round cylinders

5 x rubber protection rings

20 x pull screw 4.2 mm

20 x pull screw 4.8 mm

20 x pull screw 5.5 mm

1 x instruction manual

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