Opening Combination Padlocks

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This is an English version of the lockpicking guide book. 

Below, we offer a brief description of this book:

Opening combination padlocks is one of those lockpicking guide books that you love to own and it teaches you one of those skills that you love to know! In only 60 pages, with various illustrations and tables, the author, Carl Black, introduce you to the lock picking world and takes you through various principles for decoding and opening padlocks combinations. He also explains the tricks of the trade with clear instructions and illustrations and includes troubleshooting tips for difficult locks.

Although, the other book offered by us, “Visual Guide to Lock Picking”, contains a chapter on padlocks combination, this book takes the reader into a further depth in lock picking and provides more probability tables and a thorough discussion towards the manipulation technique. Also subtitled “No tools, No problems”, this book is a real piece of jewellery for anyone wanting to open combination padlocks, both quickly and in a non-destructive way.

We would recommend this useful book to anyone who is interested in learning about safe-cracking combinations. It is incredibly easy to forget the combination to padlocks on your own tool shed, gym locker, or anyplace else these common locks are found. With this handy book, “Opening Combination Padlocks”, you can learn one thing and one thing only: how to open a padlock whose combination is forgotten, lost or garbled. 

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