Probe and Prod System

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The best lock picking tool available on the market today. 

In collaboration with an air-wedge, this package is the best universal car opening kit available at this price range to open locks without keys. Short instructions can be found on our YouTube page.

It is always a challenge to open car locks without keys. This challenge became even bigger for the newer vehicles. The idea behind this way of opening the door using our product is that the person who is trying to open the door must go inside the door cavity without causing costly damages to the door. The solution in many cases is to separate the window glass from the door’s frame (when this is possible) and then trying to open the door with long reach tools. Because of this, our product is the best solution for such situations.

The product package comes with:

1 x long reach tool consisting of 3 parts; they measure together 152 cm

1 x 33.5 inches thick reach tool

1 x grab claw tool

1 x small manual

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