Martin Pink Electric Pick Gun

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Martin Pink electric pickgun in aluminium case

Martin Pink is a famous English locksmith and he uses his knowledge to develop various tools for locksmiths and lock pickers. This is the electric lock pick gun. This version of the pickgun is already the third generation, which means that there have been a number of improvements, such as a twisted tension tool and the addition of a plug spinner.

Easy to operate snap gun

This snap gun has a different shape than you are probably used to. The gun is in fact made in the form of a cylinder. This ensures that the pickgun fits better in your hand and you can better see the effect of the pickgun on the lock. On top of the pickgun is a button that switches on and off the snap gun. The lithium battery can be recharged using the supplied charger. There are also added some various power adapters so you can charge the gun over.

10 different picks

Using 10 different picks, you can easily open all types of locks. There are in particular mortise locks, which include cylinder. Using the specially twisted tension tools, cracking locks is very simple now. With the picks clamps from the head of the pickgun you can simply tighten the screws. An Allen key and a socket wrench are included, in order to make these operations even easier.

The package includes:

-lock pick gun

-tension tool


-3 different types of power adapters

-10 picks

-3 Allen keys

-socket wrench


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