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The Zieh-Fix Premium is a combination of the lock-puller “Bell” and the Lock-Cracker.

The advantage of this PICK tool is that the strength to break the cylinder comes both from the screw and from the tool itself. The long handle for tightening the pulling mechanism guarantees to make the work easier to open the lock and ensures that you do not have to use an additional wrench. The Zieh-Fix Premium is a very good solution if you want to break the cylinder. If you want to pull the plug/core of the cylinder lock you have to use the steel injector. With this tool you can even snap cylinder locks that have a reinforced secured body against breaking. This product is 260 mm long and 1500 g heavy.

This pick tool comes with:

1 x Zieh-Fix Premium tool

1 x handle

1 x steel injector to pull the plugs

2 x plastic plates to be placed between the lock and the tool

1 x short instruction manual 

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