E500XT Electric Lockpick Gun

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The Southord Electric Lockpick gun is the best and the most powerful snap gun of this moment available on the market. 

Also, Southord is one of the best brands in lockpicking. Hence, the E500XT represents one of the brand images of Southord.


For beginners and hobby lock pickers we offer the electric pick gun E500XT by Southord at a favourable price-performance ratio. This tool delivers proper performance in compact aluminium construction, as is known from aircraft design, and can be handled comfortably and easily. The powerful and long-life engine has been specially developed for the optimal performance of the E500XT. Only use high quality and performance NiCd (KR 14) or NiMH (HR 14) rechargeable batteries, or alkali batteries (e.g. Duracell Plus) size LR 14 (Baby-Cells). Please note that these are only included in the "Professional" Set.

The package comes with:

1 x high quality Southord E500XT pick gun (4.5 V)

4 x high quality  straight pick needless

5 x tension wrenches

1 x leather cover

1 x user manual

Not included:

3 x C size batteries

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